10 Things to do in self-quarantine at home


Today we are advised to stay at home to break that Corona COVID-19 chain of spreading the virus across the globe. One might have executed so many plans that he or she has ever dreamed of. We bring a list of suggestions that you and your family must do in this crucial period of self-quarantine.

Before I lead, you to list of things that one should do in at home lets first brainstorm what are those things that we use to do in normal daily life. For example, we go shopping, watch movies with friends, make parties, go on world tours and trips. Apart from these, we all have a daily work schedule and at the end of the day, we not find enough time for ourselves and for our family. The family deserves some of our time to be spent with them. Now is the time to make this memorable and utilize it in the best manner. Following is the list of things we must have to make ourselves habitual of:

Sleep Tight

1) Sleep Tight:

In normal daily life, we are always busy and have so much pressure on work and the environment that makes us disturb. Due to which even if we luckily got some more time to sleep, that is not called deep sleep. Now is the time to go back to normal sleeping habits and make our mental health strong again.
Often we hear that more sleeping is not good for the body, but today let me share the benefits of sleeping more or spending more time on the bed. More sleeping makes our body’s immune system stronger and helps to fight against diseases even novel COVID-19 coronavirus.

2) Exercise:

Exercise is the second most necessary thing we must do in quarantine. Before we use to go out daily for work or any other purpose and this way we make our body parts busy enough, that require less physical exercise. But in quarantine, we must have to allocate a minimum of one hour for physical exercise. On youtube, one can find all physical exercise tutorials that one can perform at home easily. When a man spends enough time daily with a physical workout, he always has a good sleep at the end.

3) Family time:

Now we have enough time to utilize it with our loved ones. Due to our hectic routine, our lovely fellows get ignored and miss us in our absence. Now take it as an opportunity to spend time with family and make it more memorable than ever.

4) Work from home:

While we are planning to utilize this time in best fashion, one must not forget about keeping working habits alive. Most of the companies in Europe, Asia, America, etc have announced that employees should work from home from now until further notice. Those who are employees must convert a part of there house or room into an office. By converting old study table into the office table and bring a comfortable computer or gaming chair. Let’s give at least the minimum required working hours to the home office and follow the working ethics.

Those who are not employed can find online jobs and can become a freelancer. Fiverr is a very good platform where one can earn handsome money online and can become a master.

5) Cooking:

Cooking is something that is a necessity. Today we are quite afraid of interacting with the outer world and trying to keep social distancing. In Asia, especially in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Srilanka men usually do not cook and most of the cooking or household tasks are performed by women. Now there is equal opportunity for men to try cooking. Now it is time to show your cooking skills to the entire family and make ourselves less dependent on food that gets delivered or on restaurants and cafes.

6) Master a skill:

Practice makes the men perfect. The quarantine can be turned into a blessing for those who wish to acquire a skill and become master of it. Today, there is a lot of training & modules available online that can be learned at home. One can start painting and can become a painter.

Also for students and software or computer engineers, this is the best time to learn programming languages. Nowadays, python is more in the market and it became the backbone of almost every automotive industry. On the other hand C++, C# and other object-oriented programming languages are still in. One can learn them easily online on udemy.

7) Stay connected with the world:

Due to the advancement of the communication industry, almost everyone has a smartphone through which he or she can stay connected with the whole globe. We suggest you stay connected and make calls to friends, family, and relatives.

8) Set life goal:

This is the best time to set short-term and long term goals. Short term goals can be something that can be performed in quarantine on the other hand long term goals can be those which will be performed after moving back to normal life, since we all believe that this pandemic or crisis is about to end soon. Now we can make our selves ready for long term goals or plans. Let’s execute all our short term and long term plans.

9) Maintenance:

We must take this to an account that things around us also need maintenance. Let’s utilize some time our long weekends on the maintenance of house, car, etc. Normally we do not find enough time to maintain our stuff, and also when needed we hire a person to get the job done. It will be a good physical exercise to maintain your house or car yourself and save money.

10) Watch the movie or seasons:

Now, we all have enough time to watch all movies and seasons that we have on our watch list. Nowadays “Contagion” movie is trending worldwide. Since this movie is made on a virus pandemic that is exactly the same as the novel coronavirus covid-19. There is one more movie called Inferno, it is also on the virus and it is more or less related to decrease the world population and save the planet. This movie can also be a good suggestion to understand this situation very well.

Watch Contagion Online Now

In the end, we wish you the best of luck and health and have a nice time at home (self-quarantine). Feel free to spread the message with your friends and family across the globe. Don’t forget to share your quarantine memories in comments.

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