Corona Virus (COVID-19) vs Spanish Flu (1918)


Today Corona Virus lockdowns the world with a pandemic in almost every country. The USA is on top with more than 312,223 COVID-19 cases reported so far. In every hundred years there comes a virus or disease which decreases the whole global population rapidly.
Spanish flu was a deadly influenza pandemic that starts in January 1918 and ends by the end of December 1920. It lasts for about 2 years. This is known as of the long term existing virus, which got disappeared automatically on in the month on December 1920.

The following table shows comparison between the novel corona Virus against Spanish flu.


Details Corona Virus Spanish Flu
Start Date November 2019 January 1918
End Date Unknown December 1920
First Reported In China Spain
Deaths Ongoing 50,000,000
Disease Viral Influenza
Vaccine created In Not yet 2010

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SPAIN is today on second with more Corona Virus (COVID-19) new cases, deaths, where the USA is on top with more than 313,078 cases till now. The number of cases is increasing day by day even with large amount of measures taken by each government.
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